Wise Robotics develops and designs innovative technologies that make it possible to study the behavior of a structure during its operational life cycle to increase its safety level and preserve its proper functioning over time.

The innovative approach is based on the three disciplines of civil engineering, data science and information technology, which enable continuous, real-time, cutting-edge monitoring of civil infrastructure performance.

The purpose of SHM is to provide timely and accurate information on the state of infrastructure, enabling engineers to quickly detect, diagnose and respond to signs of structural stress.


Cutting-edge Technology

An innovative continuous structural monitoring system for seismic purposes, capable of providing information about structures in operational conditions, thanks to the fusion of structural engineering, data science, and information technology.

The system comprises seismic sensors, data acquisition units and a powerful Cloud platform that allows for the continuous processing, historicisation and analysis of data streams from the structure being monitored. Here, the data is translated into synthetic indicators and made available via the Quakebots Smart Monitoring mobile App.

The information obtained from the monitoring system helps to increase structural and user safety, enabling timely planning of maintenance activities and reducing uncertainty about actual structural behaviour and conditions. It is a tool aimed at expanding knowledge about the monitored structure.

Monitoraggio strutturale continuo a fini antisismici Quakebots Caso d'applicazione Sismabonus 110%

Centralina LEAP 32-bit 8.32

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Quakebots LEAP 32-Bit Serverless SAR ADC a new level of efficiency and versatility in data acquisition - the Quakebots LEAP 32-Bit Serverless SAR ADC system with dedicated FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array).
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QBC accelerometer VSMAX

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3 AXIS MEMS ACCELEROMETER, a sensor designed to deliver precision and reliability in monitoring and controlling a wide range of applications. In structural health monitoring this accelerometer is the ultimate choice for accurate and efficient data collection.
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Cloud platform

A powerful platform capable of processing, analyzing, and archiving data from monitored structures.


Building monitoring thanks to incentives

Are you working on seismic retrofitting projects? discover the benefits you can offer through the adoption of the Quakebots system.

Include Quakebots technology in your Sisma and Sismabonus 110% projects."

Web app & smartphone

Access to data and information processed by the Cloud-based analysis system is ensured over time through the dedicated web application and smartphone app, allowing real-time notifications for anomalies detected in the structural system.


Non-destructive testing


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